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Annelie's Raw Food Power

Supercharged Raw Food Recipes and Remedies

Raw food recipes and medicines for everyday life!

Inspired by author Annelie Whitfield's time in the lush jungles of Costa Rica, this cookbook explores the wonderful tastes and unique benefits of using raw foods in everyday cooking. Her flavorful raw food recipes and remedies are filled with vibrant and all-natural ingredients that promote whole body wellness and increase energy levels. From healing teas and tinctures to nourishing dinners and beverages, you will feast upon the simplicity of recipes, like:

  • Gingered watermelon juice
  • Pineapple and cucumber gazpacho
  • Wild green salad and citrus tahini dressing
  • Mango, avocado, and tomato burritos
  • Almond crunch cookies

Filled with beautiful full-color photographs, Annelie's Raw Food Power shows you that you don't have to sacrifice taste to benefit from this healthy, plant-based lifestyle.

"This stunning recipe book is really one of the best I have seen! This book will inspire you to make the best and most energizing choices for your mind and body, wherever you live. This book contains everything you need to begin your own personal journey towards raw health, vitality, and a more energized lifestyle." - Miss Eco Glam blog

"This is a gorgeous cookbook, with colourful photographs accompanying every recipe. The dishes are typical raw cuisine style, with recipes for smoothies, salads, snacks and mains like raw pizza. Like most raw recipes, the majority of the dishes are quick and easy." - Tastespace blog

"I like a cookbook that tells a story. Annelie's Raw Food Power isn't just a collection of wholesome, mostly vegan's a diary about raising her family in the lush jungles of Costa Rica. A great summer read. Plus, these healthy, no-cook recipes are definitely meant to be enjoyed at the height of the hot summer." - Vegan Crunk

"The book features absolutely amazing raw food recipes that her family enjoyed in Costa Rica. Let me just say, that these recipes are nutrient powerhouses. Annelie is so knowledgeable, yet the recipes are straightforward and I think even people new to raw would enjoy these recipes and find them manageable." - Koko's Kitchen

"Annelie's Raw Food Power is encouraging in its text rather than preachy, so you really get the feeling that it would be helpful to introduce just a few of these things into your diet rather than have to go full-tilt raw. It's certainly one of the most unusual cookbooks I've ever come across, but it's packed with lovely photographs that make the food look delicious and quite tempting." - Nashville Scene