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Andrew's Amazing Monsters

This colorful picture book pays tribute to the beauty of imagination when a young boy’s monster drawings come to life and throw him a party.

When Andrew’s love for monsters grows so big he begins to draw them on his shirts and sheets, his dad gives him a special magic crayon just for drawing monsters on paper. Green and scally, yellow and slimy, all of the monsters Andrew draws using this magic monster crayon look so real that they seem to wriggle and roll their eyes.

Then one night, Andrew discovers that all of the monsters he’s drawn have disappeared from the pages. Mysterious giggles and thumps coming from the attic draw him upstairs, where he discovers the monsters have thrown a party just for him.

“Berlan’s first book is peppered with jaunty verbs; her chipper, descriptive text provides amusing assistance in vivifying these eponymous creatures.” —Publishers Weekly