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Adventure Time Original Graphic Novel Vol. 9: Brain Robbers

Brain Robbers

Created by Pendleton Ward / Illustrated by Phil Murphy and Zachary Sterling

LSP and Tree Trunks go on a treasure hunt! Good thing Finn and Jake are there to save the day . . . or are they?

It’s the most important moment of Lumpy Space Princess’s life, and it’s all going to slip through her fingers if she doesn’t get help. Tree Trunks comes out of her mystery filled retirement for one last job as she agrees to help LSP on a wild west treasure hunt. Finn and Jake secretly follow along to protect their friends but discover that LSP knows more than she is letting on about this particular treasure . . .

Josh Trujillo (Love Machines) and Zachary Sterling (Adventure Time) take readers on a wild journey in Adventure Time: Brain Robbers.

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