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Adventure Time Original Graphic Novel: Marceline the Pirate Queen

Marceline the Pirate Queen

Created by Pendleton Ward / Illustrated by Zachary Sterling / With Laura Langston

When one of Princess Buttercup’s treasures gets stolen by pirates, she send Marceline and BMO to retrieve it.


Princess Bubblegum is left with no other option when pirates infiltrate the Candy Kingdom and steal a most precious treasure from underneath her nose. Without a navy (sugar dissolves in water!), Princess Bubblegum turns to the one person she can trust to retrieve the lost item: Marceline! Together with BMO, Marceline sets sail in pursuit as the dread Pirate Queen, where she faces deadly sea monsters and more in her quest to reach the fabled Domekicker Islands.

Join writer Leah Williams (X-Men: Gold) and artist Zachary Sterling (Bee & Puppycat) as Marceline and BMO learn exactly what it takes to survive the furious oceans of Ooo!

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