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Adult Coloring Book: Keep Calm

Life isn’t black-and-white, and neither is meditation. Now, you can have your Zen moment in the full vibrancy of color. Part of the Peaceful Adult Coloring Book Series, this book is overflowing with inspirational symbols of wisdom and serenity. Lotus flowers, ornate hamsas, and yoga poses grace these pages with their divine patterns and enchanting intricacies. Proven to be a beneficial exercise for the mind, coloring is a wonderfully easy way to center yourself and expand your imagination.

Let your creativity flow as you envision the possibilities for these meditative designs. The soothing sweep of the lines and delightfully absorbing details will envelop and calm your mind. Swirling scrolls and floral patterns entrance the eyes and gladden the heart. Your sense of whimsy will be invigorated by the fanciful elephants and poised yogis. As you peruse the designs, meditate on your color combinations and visualize the endless possibilities for these pages. Stretch your artistic senses to achieve a higher level of relaxation.

In this book, you’ll find:

  • An introduction on the cognitive benefits of coloring
  • Thirty-seven black-and-white designs for you to color
  • Palette grids to help you envision your color combinations
  • Perforated pages so your finished artwork can be removed and displayed
  • The designs of this coloring book were intentionally selected for their meditative quality and beautiful ornamentation. Whether you need a moment to decompress or simply enjoy artistic pursuits, these pages are sure to provide hours of soothing entertainment. Gather your colored pencils, or whatever medium you prefer, and color in peace.

At Skyhorse Publishing, we recognize the need at times to simply Be. Our broad range of books offer readers an escape from the daily grind to the virtual worlds of the many stories our authors tell. But how about escaping even more deeply? That's where Adult Coloring Books come in, and here is where we are dedicating ourselves to bringing you a variety of coloring books with which you can relax and lose yourselves into a meditation of creative self-expression. We invite you to check out our assorted series of Adult Coloring Books, and know that you'll find exactly what you need to bliss out.

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