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Don’t miss this middle grade retelling of DreamWorks Animation’s latest film, Abominable, sure to melt hearts everywhere!

When Yi and her friends meet a lovable yeti and name him Everest, their friendship is anything but chilly! Fans of the movie will love this sweet retelling of the film. This book comes with eight pages of glossy full-color images from the movie.

© 2019 Universal Studios and Shanghai Pearl Studio Film and Television Technology Co. All Rights Reserved.


Abominable Movie Novelization Chapter One The Escape
The light from Dr. Zara’s lab was a bright spot in the dark research facility deep in the basement of Burnish Industries. She sat at her desk with Duchess, her pet jerboa, perched on her shoulder. The white rodent’s tiny ears twitched at the sound of the squawks and twitters coming from the lab animals in the neighboring rooms.

Dr. Zara tapped a pen on her desk as she spoke on the phone in a crisp British accent.

“Yes, Mr. Burnish, the venue is completely sold out,” she assured him. “This is the most important discovery of the century and everyone wants to see it.”

She spun around in her chair, putting her back to the door.

“Yes, the press will be there,” she continued. “This is your big day, Mr. Burnish. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.”

Duchess wrinkled her nose and turned to face the door. Her black eyes widened and she squeaked in alarm.

Dr. Zara felt a prickle on the back of her neck. She slowly turned to see the hulking, furry form of a giant white beast in the doorway, standing on all fours. How had he gotten out of his cage?

She leaped to her feet. “Easy, boy . . .” She held up both hands and slowly edged toward the alarm. The beast was still, staring at her with his icy blue eyes. Was that anger she saw in them, or fear?

She hit the alarm.

Wee-oo! Wee-oo! Wee-ooo!

Techs in white coats poured into the lab, rushing toward the beast from all sides. Each one held a long metal stick with a forked end—an electric shock prod.

“Who left the enclosure open?” Dr. Zara yelled.

“Stay back!” the security captain warned.

The beast moved quickly, pushed past the guards, and raced into the hallway. Red lights flashed in the corridor. Doors slammed behind him as he bolted toward the exit door. With one last burst of energy, he broke through the door and ran into the yard.

Cold rain hit his fur and he stopped, gaining his bearings. Wire fences hemmed him in, and bright searchlights swept back and forth, trying to find him.

He ran around the yard, searching for a way out. The armed security guards surrounded him again, and this time he was trapped. He backed up against the fence and got a shock. He saw the lightning-bolt-shaped sign on it. The beast knew what that meant. If he tried to climb the fence, he’d be zapped.

Dr. Zara stepped through the guards and slowly approached him. Growling, the beast paced back and forth on his hands and feet, keeping his eyes on her.

“All right, move in slowly,” Dr. Zara told the guards. “No sudden movements.”

Frightened, little Duchess hid under the doctor’s ponytail.

The beast’s growl suddenly changed into a low, vibrating hum. His fur began to pulse with a bluish light. Dr. Zara’s eyes widened with fear.

“What’s happening?”

Crash! A bolt of lightning stuck one of the searchlights overhead, raining glass down on the yard. Instinctively, Dr. Zara covered her head with her hands and ran for cover under the safety of the overhang near the door. The guards did the same.

Dr. Zara turned back toward the beast . . . but he was gone. A massive hole gaped in the mangled metal fence, showing the bright lights of a bustling Chinese city in the distance.

“Who’s telling Mr. Burnish?” the security captain asked.

Dr. Zara glared at him. Mr. Burnish was not going to be happy.

She had to find the beast, and fast. Failure was not an option.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Simon Spotlight (August 20, 2019)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781534445673
  • Grades: 3 - 7
  • Ages: 8 - 12

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