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AP Physics 2 with Online Tests

Published by Barrons Educational Services
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Barron’s brand new AP Physics 2 with Online Tests provides four practice tests and key review for the AP Physics 2 exam.

The College Board has announced that there are May 2021 test dates available are May 3-7 and May 10-14, 2021. 

Content corresponds to the topics covered in a second-year, algebra-based physics class. AP Physics 2 helps students review electric, magnetic, and gravitational fields; circuits and capacitance; fluid dynamics; thermodynamics; optics; and modern physics.

AP Physics 2 includes:

  • Two practice tests in the book with all questions answered and explained
  • Two online practice tests with all questions answered and explained
  • A diagnostic test in the book to help students target areas where they need more study
  • Practice questions and review covering all test areas
  • Tips and advice for dealing with the new problem types introduced on this test

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