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A Book of Simple Pleasures

With the constant bombardment of news, cellphones, social networking and media, it’s easy to forget life’s most elementary pleasures.

This charming new book by Leigh Crandall is a collection of inspiring quotes, easy ideas for good living, and stories from real people about the simple things they do that enrich their lives. The ideas and anecdotes will bring a smile to your face and serve as a reminder that when we stop to admire the beauty of everyday things—particularly the simple ones—our lives inevitably become fuller. This perfect gift book is divided into 3 chapters called Love, Live, and Laugh and is full of ideas to help you take time to enjoy what matters most in life.

Leigh Crandall is a writer specializing in lifestyle, travel and weddings. Her work has appeared in several national magazines and online. For Ryland Peters & Small, she has written When I Was a Ring Bearer and Happy Bride’s Survival Guide. Leigh lives in New York City and works for Condé Nast.