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3-D Doodle Book & Kit

Where Your Imagination Can Really Jump Off the Page!

Watch your doodles come alive with this 3-D kit!

Make your doodles leap off the page with this amazing 3-D Doodle Book & Kit! Packaged with a special 3-D doodling compass, red & blue pencils, and a pair of 3-D glasses, the 80-page book shows you how to use these tools to draw and view your very own 3-D images.

The 3-D Doodle Book features a brief history of doodles, an explanation of how 3-D glasses work, and instructions for using your 3-D compass and colored pencils to create 3-D images. But the majority of the book is an interactive sketchbook with more than 60 pages printed with 3-D scenes for you to finish, black line drawings that will give your 3-D doodles more depth, and 3-D background grids that will create a floating 3-D effect even when you draw on them with a regular black pen! A concealed spiral binding allows you to lay the book flat as you create your unique informal artwork.

Why just doodle when you can doodle in 3-D?

Elizabeth Encarnacion is an author and book editor who specializes in books for kids and teens.  Her books include Cat’s Cradle & Other Fabulous String FiguresThe Girls’ Guide to Campfire Activities3-D Doodle Book & Kit. She is also the programming director for Spells Writing Lab, a non-profit writing and tutoring center for children based in North Philadelphia.

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