21 Immortals

Inspector Mislan and the Yee Sang Murders

Book #1 of Inspector Mislan

About The Book

21 Immortals introduces an exciting new voice in international noir—for readers of Jo Nesbø, Keigo Higashino, and John Burdett.

Inspector Mislan's final case after a long night's shift could be his last. Called to a wealthy neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur, he finds a crime scene unlike any he has encountered before: pristine, the victims a family seated at dinner, Mona Lisa smiles fixed to their faces, frozen mid-gesture around the traditional Chinese New Year dish of yee sang, signifying prosperity, longevity, many good thingsthough it's not that time of year—an eerie, chilling tableau, of death, but signifying what? The celebrity of the father, fashion magnate Robert Tham, has already drawn a media throng, and soon the upper echelons of the police have taken an interest, bringing pressure to solve the crime quickly.

But every clue points to another unknown. This isn't the primary scene: where is it? What are the motives of Tham's younger business partner, the attractive Miss Irene? What of his connections to an old-school criminal gang and the triads? With rival units of the police seeking to co-opt and, he suspects, bury the case, Inspector Mislan's investigation takes him to every level of this modern, multi-ethnic, American-pop-culture-influenced society, to where moneyed power and influence demand their say. Maverick, hard-boiled yet tender, a single father raising a young child, Mislan must rely of his team—and the politically savvy woman leading Major Crimes who is his boss—to support, protect him from the corruption above, and help find a way to ensure the course of justice.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Arcade Crimewise (August 4, 2020)
  • Length: 312 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781950691654

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Raves and Reviews

"It has a great title, a wonderful mix of characters, and a complex storyline that twists and turns like KL roads. . . . The hero is an endearing, attractive inspector from the Major Crimes desk, an honest policeman who is trying to do his job in the face of political pressure; self-aggrandizing, publicity-hungry, and sometimes corrupt cops; and very meticulous murderers. This single father struggles to balance time on the job and time with his six-year-old son and finds, more often than not, he’s doing what he needs to rather than what he wants. But he also has his helpers: a loyal sidekick, a great boss, a brains-and-beauty female interest, and a team of quirky experts from forensics in Cheras. . . . The pleasure in 21 Immortals arises from the fact the writer enjoys the storytelling. He is having fun, and it spills into the novel. He loves his hero. The unpretentious Inspector Mislan, who doesn’t ‘wear shades, or talk standing sideways,' is more likable than the lead in CSI Miami."SH Lim, Time Out Kuala Lumpur

"Enter Inspector Mislan Latif; hard-boiled, tough as nails, logical, unsentimental, but not quite cynical. In a Kuala Lumpur full of dirty criminals and dirtier cops, he is the last among the few good men (and women) that remain. . . . 21 Immortals is deliberately paced. Rozlan Mohd Noor writes with a meticulousness that mirrors that of his protagonist. It is prose that is methodical. Carefully, systematically unraveling the murder mystery that lies before us. . . . He has written a novel that is for us; completely and utterly."—New Straits Times(Malaysia)
“The voices are real. They are ours or fragments of our society. . . . It is very courageous for a former officer of the Royal Malaysian Police to detail what could go wrong in police investigations; that the enemies would not only come from outside but also from within. . . . Rozlan Mohd Noor is not a writer who pretends. He is honest about the reality we live in. Malaysia has changed. The book is not of a world to be judged based on morality and accepted cultural norms. Rozlan is brave enough to offer this insight and his representations of changing values in modern Malaysia. . . . My final verdict: Go get the book!"—Asiatic Journal (Malaysia)
“Rozlan Mohd Noor's books are exceptionally good in a lot of senses but more importantly, they capture the subtleties and nuances of Malaysian culture, language, politics, and crime.21 Immortals is a highly recommended read.”—Choose and Book

“The books in Rozlan’s Inspector Mislan series deal with serious social issues, among them the corruption of higher-ups in the police force.”—The Star(Malaysia)

21 Immortals highlights the commitment of Inspector Mislan, a cop who is honest, hardworking, and has integrity—but this attitude makes him unpopular among some of his colleagues and superiors on the police force and even politicians, making him a victim sometimes of internal politics in his department.”— Kosmo newspaper (Malaysia)

“Surpasses expectations.”—Fiog Blog

“He is a maverick, badass investigator who is determined to solve all his cases despite pressure from his superiors and politicians to close them. The stories walk us through the procedures that take place when a crime is reported, how CSI and the police work together, and what are the challenges they face. Even more interesting is the fact the stories take Kuala Lumpur and its surroundings as their location. The author has injected some local dialect, the reality of Malaysia.”—purplymoon

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