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125,000 Ways to Say I Love You

Mix and Match Love Notes

This brilliant flipbook of funny, sweet, and often daring one-line poetry will help you say what’s in your heart. It’s the perfect gift for the person you love.

If you’re celebrating an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just trying to make someone smile, skip the cookie-cutter greeting card. This beautifully designed gift book will help you say “I love you” over and over again: you can mix and match the 3 panels into 125,000 unique combinations.

Mad Libs meets Instagram-worthy poetry in this unique book that lets you craft the perfect one-liner for your special someone. Plus, the book is designed to stand up on its own, so you can proudly display your creations—and switch it up anytime for a gift that keeps on giving. With 125,000 Ways to Say I Love You, you’ll never run out of creative ways to say those three little words.

Pia Frey is an entrepreneur, journalist, and author of bestselling flip books. She is a cofounder of Opinary, which helps users to share their opinion in online content in new and easy ways. Their clients include The Guardian, Huffington Post, and Toyota. Frey was a part of Forbes’s 30 Under 30 in European media. She lives in New York and Berlin. For more mix and match fun, be sure to also check out her first book in the US: America Has Very Nice Legs—It’s a Fact!

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