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Villie Karabatzia

Villie Karabatzia was born in Athens and studied illustration at Ornerakis School of Applied Art. She has worked as an illustrator since 2008. She loves creating playful characters and interesting compositions and giving emphasis on color. She works with computers and classic mediums. Her style is fresh, whimsical, cute, and funny. Her ideas come not only from every creative thought her mentor cat confides to her, but also her personal experiences, memories, dreams, and wishes. Her favorite children's story and animated cartoon are The Little Prince and Swan Lake. As a pastime, she loves reading books while drinking endless cups of coffee. Her biggest drawback is her manic collection of fancy notepads. Since she was a child, she has dreamed of having her own horse. She has settled for a cat, for the time being… 

Books by Villie Karabatzia