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Tony Caterisano

About The Author

Dr. Tony Caterisano has served 30 years as a Professor of Exercise Physiology in the Department of Health Sciences at Furman University in Greenville, SC. He currently serves on the College Strength and Conditioning Association’s Written Examination Board. Caterisano was previously the Head Wrestling Coach of the varsity wrestling program at Furman (1984-1991) and for Spartanburg Methodist College (2003 – 2010). As a competitive powerlifter, Dr. Caterisano has won 16 straight South Carolina state titles at the Masters level in powerlifting as well as several National titles in powerlifting at the Masters level. Caterisano took Gold medals each year in the past 10 years in the World Championships in the drug-free, World Natural Powerlifting Federation (2002 – 2012). In 2007, he won two gold and one silver medal in the WNPF World Championships, leading the Furman University powerlifting team to the championships that year. Currently Caterisano is Head Wrestling Coach at Wade Hampton High School, where he coaches his son Mike.

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