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Todd Bensman

About The Author

Todd Bensman currently serves as the Texas-based Senior National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies(CIS), a Washington, D.C. policy institute for which he writes, speaks, and grants  media  interviews  about  the  nexus  between  immigration  and  national security.  He has testified before Congress as an expert witness and regularly appears on radio and television outlets. Separately, he writes about homeland security fora variety of online publications, and teaches terrorism and intelligence analysis as a university adjunct lecturer. For nine  years,  through August  2018,  Bensman  led  counterterrorism  intelligence  for  the  Texas Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division in its  multi-agency fusion center. Before his homeland security service, Bensman was a journalist for twenty-three years, covering national security after 9/11 as a staff writer for major newspapers and reporting in twenty-five countries. His reporting on migration from Islamic countries and cross-border gun smuggling to cartels earned two National Press Club awards (2008 and 2009), an Inter-American Press Association award, and two Texas Institute of Letters awards. His reporting on corruption spurred numerous federal investigations, indictments, and convictions.

Bensman  holds  an  M.A.  in  Security  Studies  from  the  Naval  Postgraduate  School,  Center  for Homeland  Defense  and  Security  (2015, Outstanding  Thesis designee).  He also  holds  an  M.A.  in Journalism   from   the   University   of   Missouri   School   of   Journalism   (2009).   He   holds   an undergraduate degree in Journalism from Northern Arizona University. In 2017, he completed a 350-hour   State   of   Texas   Command   College   leadership   program   sponsored   by   the   Texas Department of Public Safety.

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