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Tabitha Grace Alterman

About The Author

Tabitha Grace Alterman has been researching and writing about nutritious, real food for more than 15 years, and she’s been pursuing culinary knowledge seriously since childhood. Tabitha was the Food and Garden Editor for Mother Earth News and Mother Earth Living magazines for more than a decade, where she honed her focus on nutrient-dense, made-from-scratch foods as well as traditional culinary techniques. She volunteered for the Education departments at Murray’s Cheese and Astor Center in NYC for many years, and has served as a United Nations delegate for the Commission on Sustainable Development. On occasion, she teaches cooking classes; hosts wine and whiskey tastings; writes menus; consults for restaurants; and enthusiastically grows organic gardens for others. She is the author of Whole Grain Baking Made Easy: Craft Delicious, Healthful Breads, Pastries, Desserts and More. Currently, Tabitha grows more than 50 heirloom varieties of herbs and vegetables with and for her two creative, willful children, Jupiter Jude and Lumina Vale. Tabitha's proudest culinary achievements are 6-year-old Juju reminding Mommy to get out the good vanilla when making their family’s Wimbledon Crepes; and 4-year-old Lulu declaring, "Mommy is using the wrong pot! That one's for cooking the bones.”

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