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Nick Rowell

Nick Rowell was born in Paris but grew up near Oxford, England. During his university years, Nick set off travelling. Months into his journey, he settled in Argentina where he spent time living and learning among the locals. It was the cosmopolitan streets of Buenos Aires where he first developed an interest in photographing doors. In an attempt to seek out even more beautiful doors, Nick set up the instagram account @door_jadore to allow him to capture all those he came across, and connect with other door enthusiasts. He now has a treasure trove of images of enchanting, intricate and unique doors from all corners of the world, from Norway and the Netherlands, to the Faroe Islands and French Polynesia. When he's not busy running his award-winning production company, Nick spends his time adding to his door collection, with the help of friends and contributors from across the globe.

Books by Nick Rowell