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Montrella Cowan

About The Author

Crushing barriers to mental health, Montrella Cowan is a licensed psychotherapist and clinical social worker (LICSW), motivational speaker, bestselling author, and founding CEO of Affinity Health Affairs, which inspires people like you to “step into their greatness.”  

Creator of The Peace of Mind Academy, Cowan’s talks include:
  • How to Be Mentally Healthy So You Can Avoid Suffering in Silence and Feeling Lonely 
  • The 5 Surefire Ways to Overcome Anxiety and Depression During the Pandemic 
  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in the Workplace When Striving to Achieve Work-Life Balance  

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Cowan empathizes with clients because she once suffered from depression and was birthed into a plethora of generational woes including abuse, poverty, and addictions, and still conquered the journey from trauma to triumph.

Cowan earned a master’s degree in Social Work from Howard University and a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Catholic University of America. She is a mentor to young adults, helping to transform them into effective change agents. 

Cowan’s expertise has been featured in Essence, Radio One, NPR, FOX, ABC, and dozens of other national media outlets. 

If you’re ready to smash the past and co-create your future, contact Cowan at: 


Books by Montrella Cowan