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Michael Hawton

About The Author

Michael Hawton is a psychologist, teacher, author and father of two.  He studied teaching and went to Melbourne University and Victoria University where he trained to be a psychologist. For most of his twenty-five-year career he has worked in the area of child and family therapy.  His career has also included working as an expert witness in the NSW Children’s Court and for the Family Court of Australia, where he has prepared over 1,000 Child Welfare Reports. Michael has trained over 6,500 family services professionals, nationally and internationally, in how to manage children’s and teenager’s difficult behaviour. Michael currently travels around Australia to present professional development to family service professionals. His passion is to make a difference to the lives of children and their parents. As a child he played rugby league and now enjoys ocean swimming. He lives in Byron Bay where he has raised two children with his wife Simone. Together they run the online parent resource company—Parentshop.

Books by Michael Hawton