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Lewis Kent

About The Author

Lewis Kent grew up in Mississauga, Ontario where he found his passion for running. In 2012, Kent began school at the University of Western Ontario, where he competed in both cross country and track and field. With the legal drinking age in Canada being 19, Kent and his fellow beer milers had a two-year head start on the American competition. Kent ran his first beer mile in April of 2014, finishing fourth in a local race in a time of 6:11. He set his first of three beer mile world records on August 7th, 2015 in a time of 4:55.78.He won the Beer Mile World Classic two weeks later on August 22nd, 2015, and shortly after signed the first ever professional beer mile contract with Brooks Running. The deal sparked major media buzz, with ESPN, TMZ, BroBible, and other major media sites publishing the story. It led to Kent making an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show on November 30th. The next day, he ran at the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships, winning in a world record time of 4:47.17. Kent currently lives and trains in Ontario, Canada.

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