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Kerry Killinger

Kerry Killinger was the former chairman, president, and CEO of Washington Mutual Bank, the sixth largest depository bank in the country prior to the financial crisis of 2008. After graduating from the University of Iowa, Kerry worked as a securities analyst at Murphey Favre before quickly rising through the ranks to become executive vice president and director. Just seven short years after Murphy Favre was acquired by Washington Mutual Bank in 1983, Kerry was named CEO, a role for which he received the 2001 Banker of the Year title by American Banker and was elected to the American Society of Corporate Executives. Following the 2008 Recession, Kerry founded Crescent Capital and currently serves as its CEO. Along with his wife, Linda, Kerry is highly involved in a variety of philanthropic efforts and continues to invest in groundbreaking fintech and entrepreneurial projects.


Books by Kerry Killinger