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Katharine Gates

About The Author

Yale-trained gonzo anthropologist Katharine Gates has now fully updated and revised her pioneering 2000 work, Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex, into what you now hold in your possibly trembling hands: DEVIANT DESIRES: A TOUR OF THE EROTIC EDGE And what a tour! Within these pages Gates proves there's ALWAYS new information about sex and desire, because human adaptability and creativity ever combine to discover new frontiers of pleasure, whether by imagining ourselves superheroes or tiny or giants, or simply stuffing party balloons down our pants. We might even find that what really accelerates our desires is pumping car pedals-but only that specific, perfect way that gets us off like nothing else can. Featuring over a thousand illustrations (mostly in color, new for this edition), interviews from around the world, both fun and serious discussion, and even some tips and suggestions, DEVIANT DESIRES: A TOUR OF THE EROTIC EDGE is for any adult who ever hoped or believed there might be more to life, love, and pleasure than previously imagined. -David Steinhardt, Editor of this New Edition

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