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Jasmine Kernaleguen

About The Author

Jasmine Kernaleguen is a leadership reinventor on a mission to change the course of leadership and organizations in redefining leader performance: to create healthy environments where people thrive, unleash their potential, and actually want to work.


She is chief disruptor and cofounder of Rhythmic Leader Science, a consultancy and technology company known for connecting leader psychology, physiology, and neuroscience to help organizations elevate their success via leadership performance. Her prior career in senior leadership roles contributed significantly to enabling her to find a sense of humanity and fearlessness in challenging thinking to decode puzzles and paradoxes that keep us constrained as leaders. 


Leveraging her superpowers in creating clarity in complexity, she systematically helps organizations see and move beyond these constraints to get back to being alive. She is unwaveringly driven to help people succeed, power-up their talents, and create value. She has worked with leaders worldwide to grow beyond their own perceived limits and lift their performance through practice. She is also cofounder of Vibrancy, writes and curates the Performance Rebels blog (, is a dynamic speaker, consultant, CEO coach, and dares to disrupt at every opportunity.


Books by Jasmine Kernaleguen