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Emanuele Mensah

About The Author

Emanuele Mensah is a mixologist, bar manager, photographer, and videographer based in Milan, Italy. He has worked for some of the best cocktail bars in the world, including Disrepute in London and Eau-de-Vie Sydney, and he was named one of the World Class Top 100 Bartenders by Diageo Reserve. 

On Instagram and YouTube, you can find him at Cocktails with Lele (@CocktailsWithLele), where he shows how to make excellent classic cocktails in a home bar. He teaches complex techniques as well as the basics and shares classic cocktail recipes, craft concoctions, plus innovative creations of his own. 

Lele is all about sustainability and applies a zero-waste policy to his ideas and concepts; everything has a purpose and must be used. He believes in interpreting cocktails with a fresh perspective, while taking inspiration from drinks and drink recipes from the past. This means returning to the original purpose of spirits when they were used medicinally, in the mezcal of Oaxaca and around the world. 

He feels that drinking a cocktail should be a moment of pleasure and sharing.

Books by Emanuele Mensah