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Donald Wittman

About The Author

Donald J. Wittman is a LinkedIn coach, trainer, writer, and consultant. For more than ten years, he has trained over 100,000 job seekers, college graduates, professionals, and small companies on finding their dream job, next client, and prospective hires, using LinkedIn, the #1 social media platform for sourcing professionals.

Don specializes in helping out-of-work job seekers, especially high-level executives, find their next job and earn their desired salary. Instead of chasing employment, Don uses his very own Pull Methodology that captivates employers and recruiters to reach out to job seekers instead of the other way around.

Don also helps B2B professionals, coaches, consultants, salespeople, and lawyers, get more leads by optimizing their LinkedIn profiles using the same Pull Methodology.

To learn more about how to improve your LinkedIn results vastly, land your next job faster, or have more clients find you before the competition, visit

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