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Dave Silberman

About The Author

Dave Silberman is on a mission to liberate people from the small boxes they put themselves into. He is obsessed with ridding the silent suffering of self-imposed limitations in professional lives and organizations.

Dave is chief research and development officer and co-founder of Rhythmic Leader Science, a consultancy and technology company known for connecting leader psychology, physiology, and neuroscience to help organizations elevate their success via leadership performance. His prior career in senior leadership roles spanned across governmental, hi-tech startups, and venture capital spaces. This diverse experience brought him to the realization that potentiality in professional lives and organizations hinges on the understanding that as human beings we are more the same than different. 

Dave has shifted his life in service of his absolute belief that no one in their professional life should ever silently suffer or be falsely limited. Dave advocates these beliefs by helping organizations strategically navigate human potentiality and the negotiation of workplace and identity-based tension. Dave is a decorated disabled United States combat veteran and holds a PhD in human resources development. Dave also is a co-curator and writer for the Performance Rebels blog, and a graduate level adjunct professor at Boston University.


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