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Chuks Ojeme

About The Author

Chuks Ojeme, named one of the 2021 Top 100 Global CISO, is a cybersecurity, GRC, and corporate digital fraud investigation technocrat with a head for innovation and digital transformation. He takes a holistic approach to build robust, adaptive, resilient, and business-enhancing digital technologies while balancing agility with governance in developing people, processes, and platform-focused digital security ecosystems.


Chuks is engaged in providing transformative and strategic leadership in hedging out business and information security risks by establishing risk appetite and tolerance. He has helped various corporate entities in building a preventive, vigilant, and resilient cybersecurity management approach and has a track record of containing, remediating, and bringing a chaotic and disruptive cyberattack back to order. 


As a co-founder of “Conscience Matters,” he is engaged in building global virtual citizens of conscience as human augmented reality through mentorship, high impact leadership, collaborative engagement, and co-learning. Chuks has presented keynotes ranging from high-impact leadership, enterprise digital security management, responding to an escalating ransomware attack, supply and value chain management, governance risk, and compliance in various global events. He is the global chief information security and compliance officer at Brenntag, a visiting lecturer at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, and a non-executive board member of Cyber Volt. For more information about Chuks, please visit


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