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Charles Moore

About The Author

Charles L. Moore is the owner of C.L. Moore & Associates, a certified public accounting firm in Lansing, Michigan. C.L. Moore & Associates, founded in 1991, is one of the few minority-owned accounting firms in Michigan outside of the Detroit area.


A native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, he found his passion and dedication for economic development through his experiences in his hometown and seeing his community members struggle to provide for themselves and their families.


Having a background in politics, finance, and education, Charles has dedicated his career to urban economic improvement and development. His company’s lifetime work has been in pursuit of these ideals. He has worked as a CFO or internal auditor in public and charter schools primarily in urban settings. He also developed models that improved the financial stability of urban schools that suffer from the high cost of educating poor children. 


Charles hopes to continue his work to revolutionize the way that minority firms work together to build their businesses and change the economic landscape of their communities. To gain a deeper connection and broaden your prospective, visit


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