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Bob Guccione, Jr.

About The Author

Bob Guccione, Jr. is an award winning and internationally renowned editor and publisher who has created and managed some of America’s most iconic publishing brands. Born in Manhattan, Bob was raised in London. He began his career aged 18 in the UK, where he published A Step By Step Guide To Kung Fu, becoming Britain’s youngest-ever publisher at the time. A year later he returned to America and launched the monthly music poster magazine,Rock Superstars, making him America’s then youngest-ever publisher. In 1985, Guccione launched SPIN, the enormously successful music magazine that usurped Rolling Stone as the dominant pop culture publication for 18-24 year olds. Under Guccione as Editor and Publisher, SPIN developed a reputation for award-winning investigative journalism and was Advertising Age’s Magazine of the Year in 1994. Notable SPIN features included exposés of Live Aid’s tragic missteps in Ethiopia, the Atlanta child murders cover-up, embedding a reporter inside the IRA, the first article on Crack cocaine, and, from 1987 to 1997, a very controversial but internationally lauded monthly column devoted to AIDS. In 1997 Guccione sold SPIN, and in 1998 launched GEAR, a critically-acclaimed young men’s pop culture magazine, which reached a circulation of 500,000 before ceasing publication in 2003. In October 2005, Guccione acquired science magazine DISCOVER from Disney. Covering science, technology, medicine and the future, the magazine had a paid circulation of over 700,000 copies monthly and a highly successful online site, and under Bob turned from being steeply unprofitable to highly profitable. Bob has been a frequent lecturer and debater at Universities and media conferences in the US and internationally, and been a guest on numerous television talk shows. He was a frequent host of CNBC’s Talk Live, and a frequent Op Ed contributor to the Los Angeles Times, The Daily News, The Daily Beast, Billboard, and other publications. In September 2008 he was Guest Editor of Media, the magazine for the advertising and communications industry.

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