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Bianca Ruehlig Goldhardt

Bianca Ruehlig Goldhardt is a certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and perpetual student of life whose passion lies in mind, body, and spirit wellness. After working in the corporate IT world as a software developer, she decided to pursue her spiritual path as a programmer of experiences instead. She began this journey in 2013 and has grown her spiritual network both inside and out through Facebook groups, local meetups, and her wellness center and crystal store. She currently manages a holistic wellness center in the Bay Area featuring metaphysical gifts, energy, and meditation tools, energy work, and a sensory deprivation float tank. She also runs a studio offering yoga, tai chi, and meditation as well as workshops and fairs that promote a healthier lifestyle. Overcoming a panic disorder, arthritis, depression overnight, Bianca thrives on sharing her journey of self-love and self-healing through her social media platforms, her books, her videos and her new podcast, “The Hueman Rays.” The podcast covers her favorite topics such as energy, consciousness, manifestation, and gratitude. Everything is energy, vibration, and frequency. She loves to read, write, and relax as often as possible. Speaking her truth and sharing her passions is her purpose.

Books by Bianca Ruehlig Goldhardt