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Alexander Burke

About The Author

Alexander Burke is an award-winning composer and musician residing in Los Angeles. Alex has composed music for films and soundtracks such as Iron Man 3, The Gift, A Little Something For Your Birthday, as well as TV shows like Mortified Nation, Funny Or Die, and too many others to list here. He is a guest artist for numerous albums and live specials for Artists including Michael Buble, David Lynch, Fiona Apple, Edward James Olmos, Dave Grohl, and Margaret Cho. Alex’s band Magnolia Memoir have currently released 4 albums. Please update this bio yourself with a black ballpoint pen as this number grows.

Alex survives on a special diet of popcorn and coffee that is rigorously supervised by a cat named Major Tom (short for Maureen Thomas, but it is unclear how she attained military ranking) whom he rescued from a life of coldness and the great outdoors.

Books by Alexander Burke