Dark Lord

Dark Lord

1.  Ed Greenwood is a legend of fantasy fiction with a vast and loyal fan base.

2.  This is the start of an epic new trilogy with wide, mass market appeal.

3.  To coincide with author signings and convention appearances.

4.  Promotional campaign, featuring high levels of advertising in the genre press & online.

5.  Follows the highly successful hardback edition.

Dark Lord is the first of three novels in The Falconfar Saga, from the bestselling author Ed Greenwood. Rod Everlar is a writer who mysteriously finds himself drawn into a fantasy world of his own creation. Dark Lord displays all the hallmarks of Ed’s reputation for creating a richly realised fantasy setting, and characters that shine.
  • Solaris | 
  • 528 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781844165841 | 
  • October 2008
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