The Croods Movie

The Croods is a hilarious new movie from DreamWorks Animation about the world's first family road trip in a previously undiscovered era in the history of our planet known as the Croodaceous. Starring the voices of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, and Catherine Keener, this animated movie is sure to be a hit of prehistoric proportions!

Latest book from The Croods Movie

Grug's Survival Guide

Get a glimpse into the world of the Croods with Grug as your guide in this eBook with audio that's based on The Croods movie!

There are many dangers to living in the Croodaceous period, so Grug is always on guard, leading the way into an unknown new world and protecting his family from bear owls, fish cats, liyotes, and more! Now you can learn how to forage for food, find a good cave for shelter, and play a game of catch with a crococup. But just like Grug, if you want to survive the Croodaceous period, the most important thing is to not be afraid of trying new things, making new friends, and thinking of new ideas!

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