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RIN-NE, Vol. 30

Book #30

Manga legend Rumiko Takahashi’s lighthearted tale of a girl who can see ghosts and a boy from the beyond.

After a mysterious encounter in her childhood, Sakura Mamiya gained the power to see ghosts. Now a teenager, she just wishes the ghosts would leave her alone! Then one day she meets Rinne Rokudo, a boy who is far more than what he seems.

In the summer season of restless spirits, Rinne and the gang head to a beachside guesthouse to confront a supernatural spirit who’s obsessed with braids. Sakura’s trademark hairstyle makes her the target of the ghost's mad desire… Can Rinne figure out how to send the ghost away, ASAP?!

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RIN-NE, Vol. 29
Book #29
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RIN-NE, Vol. 30
Book #30

About the Authors

Rumiko Takahashi

The spotlight on Rumiko Takahashi's career began in 1978 when she won an honorable mention in Shogakukan's annual New Comic Artist Contest for Those Selfish Aliens. Later that same year, her boy-meets-alien comedy series, Urusei Yatsura, was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday. This phenomenally successful manga series was adapted into anime format and spawned a TV series and half a dozen theatrical-release movies, all incredibly popular in their own right. Takahashi followed up the success of her debut series with one blockbuster hit after another--Maison Ikkoku ran from 1980 to 1987, Ranma 1/2 from 1987 to 1996, and Inuyasha from 1996 to 2008. Other notable works include Mermaid Saga, Rumic Theater, and One-Pound Gospel. Takahashi won the Shogakukan Manga Award twice in her career, once for Urusei Yatsura in 1981 and the second time for Inuyasha in 2002. A majority of the Takahashi canon has been adapted into other media such as anime, live-action TV series, and film."