Worthy of Their Esteem

The Timeless Words and Sage Advice of Abraham Lincoln

Worthy of Their Esteem

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most revered Presidents in the history of the United States. His persistence saved the Union, and preserved our Constitution. But his wisdom, with its homespun feel, and far deeper meanings, was the backbone of his enduring popularity. The combination of his sense of self -effacing humor and stories of backwoods life helped Lincoln make his points with the masses, and helped him communicate with a country at its lowest point, and in the middle of a terrific struggle.


Author Iain C. Martin assembles Lincoln's most popular and best quotations and bits of wisdom which helped Lincoln to endure through the ages. Funny, poignant, and inspiring, the greatness of the man shines through as never before.


"Abraham Lincoln's life helped define the essence of being an American and the ideals of freedom, and Worthy of Their Esteem offers a rich collection of the best of his sayings, grouped according to what major themes they address.  Added historical and biographical background plus vintage illustrations make this a top pick for a wide range of collections..."  -- The Midwest Book Review
  • Cider Mill Press | 
  • 168 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781604330519 | 
  • February 2009
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