What Does Peace Feel Like?

What Does Peace Feel Like?

Illustrated by: Vladimir Radunsky
For Ages: 4 - 8
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What does that word really mean? Ask children from around the world, and this is what they say....
  • Atheneum Books for Young Readers | 
  • 24 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780689866760 | 
  • November 2004 | 
  • Grades P - 3
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Reading Group Guide

A Guide for Teachers
What Does Peace Feel Like?
by Vladimir Radunsky
About the Book
What does that word really mean? Ask children from around the world, and you'll get an array of responses, a selection of which you can find in Vladimir Radunsky's book What Does Peace Feel Like?
Simple text and illustrations portray what peace looks, sounds, tastes, feels, and smells like to children around the world in this thought-provoking book by author and illustrator Vladimir Radunsky.
Discussion Questions
1. The word "peace" has many different meanings, including freedom from war, the absence of fights and disagreements, and serenity. Think about your own definition of the word "peace." What does peace really mean to you?
2. In What Does Peace Feel Like?, children from around the world use their senses to answer questions about peace, such as "What does peace taste like?" and "What does peace look like?" What would your answers be to the same questions? Using the book as inspiration, try to come up with questions that will further explore your views about peace. Some ideas: What kind of animal is peace? What holiday is peace? What color is peace? Compare and contrast your answers with those of your classmates.
3. Each question about peace in the book triggers many different responses. Which comments surprise you? Which ones do you agree or disagree with?
4. The observati see more

About the Author

Vladimir Radunsky
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Vladimir Radunsky

Vladimir Radunsky has illustrated many wonderful books, including The Maestro Plays by Bill Martin Jr and Woody Guthrie's Howdi Do. He is also the author-illustrator of 10 (ten) and (with Chris Raschka) of Table Manners.
The children whose quotes appear in this book all attend The Ambrit International School in Rome. This is their first book.