What Bothers Me Most about Christianity

Honest Reflections from an Open-Minded Christ Follower

What Bothers Me Most about Christianity

New York Times bestselling author ed Gungor offers a provocative look at the questions that bother not only opponents of Christianity but dedicated believers as well. with candor and good will, Gungor joins the discussion generated by the multitude of atheistic books currently in the market and offers a thoughtful, reasonable response.

In What Bothers Me Most about Christianity, Pastor Ed Gungor owns up to the valid criticism that affronts Christianity. With his trademark sense of humor and unabashed honesty, Gungor explores the ten most troublesome aspects of Christianity, addressing questions such as:Why does a loving God allow evil to exist in His world? If the Christian church is so good, then why have so many horrible acts been committed in its name? Why was God so harsh to His children in the Old Testament?

Maintaining that having faith is not intellectual suicide and that mystery is an essential quality of the Christian belief, What Bothers Me Most about Christianity opens up the forum for amicable discussion between thinking people on both sides of the debate, from aggressive atheists to unswerving Christian believers. Gungor maintains that balancing faith and reason is indeed possible and that devoted Christ followers need not shy away from asking the tough questions. As he guides readers through these fundamental issues, they will find that their honest wrestling will actually bring them to a deeper, more mature understanding of faith.
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  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416592556 | 
  • June 2009
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About the Author

How writing caught my interest…

Probably the thing that got me thinking seriously about writing was a war movie I saw back in the 80s—I don’t remember the title, but in the show the main character decided to focus his life on writing because he believed words could do the most to change how people think. The thought stuck with me and I started working on sharpening my writing skills. It took me almost 20 years to get published, but writing is a dream come true for me.

What I love…

Now in my fifties, I’ve proven to myself that nothing I accomplish and no position I hold every really touches my soul—those things are sort of like fingernails. I feel things that touch my nails, but those touches feel sort of “distant” to my body. Attached, yes, but distant. So, the older I get the more I enjoy working on the things that really touch me: my bride of 30+ years, my kids and grandkids, my friends, and my God—my relationships are what impact my soul. I do love to work, but not at the expense of the people in my life. In theory, I always believed that to be true; I practice it now. Often, old guys are better guys—my wife, Gail, tells me that’s happening with me. Thank God.


About the Book

What was the spark that motivated you to write this book?

We may not like it, but faith is see more

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About the Author

Ed Gungor
Photograph Courtesy of the Author

Ed Gungor

Ed Gungor is a veteran pastor—currently pasturing the Sanctuary Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma--who has been deeply involved in the spiritual formation of others for over thirty-five years. He is the author of several books, including The Vow, Religiously Transmitted Diseases, and There Is More to the Secret, which landed on the New York Times bestsellers list. He is also a member of Springtime for Faith, a lay-driven initiative supported by the Vatican, and he travels around the U.S. and abroad speaking in churches, universities, and seminars. Ed and his wife Gail have been married thirty years.  They have four children and live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.