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Trusted Partners

Reading Group Guide

    Reading Group Guide
    Discussion questions to accompany Trusted Partners
    1. How do you ensure full support for an alliance at operating levels in each firm? (Chapter 1, pages 8-9; Chapter 4, pages 52-55)
    2. In its recruiting efforts, does your firm give equal weight to relationship and technical skills? What skills are emphasized when people are assigned to alliances? (Chapter 1, pages 9-10; Chapters 2 and 12)
    3. Does leadership create turf issues in your firm? (Chapter 1, pages 10-11; Chapter 2, pages 25-27; Chapter 12)
    4. Does your firm use a top-to-bottom objectives hierarchy that helps everyone know how his or her contribution fits in? Does each meeting begin with a statement of its immediate objectives as well as of the business objectives to which it will contribute? (Chapter 1, page 11; Chapter 3, pages 35-39; Chapter 12)
    5. Who negotiates your firm's alliances -- those who will be the implementers or others? (Chapter 2, pages 27-28)
    6. Do you normally use root cause problem solving to resolve conflicts between units in your firm? With a partner? (Chapter 3, page 46)
    7. How effective is cross-functional teamwork in your firm? How could it be improved? (Chapter 12)
    8. Do your alliance boards and steering committees give clear and consistent signals to those below? (Chapter 6, pages 91-107)
    9. When people involved in an alliance move on, does the discontinuity affect alliance performance? (Chapter 1, page 14; Chapter 4, pages 59-63)

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