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The Three Mrs. Parkers

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    The Winifred who first arrives in Westminster is not the same Winifred who walks her granddaughter down the aisle. We often hear that people don't change, that as people grow older they get more set in their ways--and of course there's the old adage that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
    1. Does Winifred's changing happen naturally throughout the story?
    2. Is her changing believable?
    3. How do you feel about people changing? What do you think could cause a major personality change?
    Forgiveness is a major theme in this novel. We read and hear much about forgiveness, yet it is not an easy thing to do.
    1. Do you feel, in reading this novel, that Winifred and Zoe are capable of forgiving one another?
    2. Are you convinced that they are ready to forgive one another?
    3. It has been said that being able to forgive is the ability to admit that we are like other people. Do you agree?
    4. In your opinion, does understanding lead to forgiveness?
    5. What does forgiveness say about these characters? Does it show strength, weakness, largeness of heart, insincerity?

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