The Worthy

A Ghost's Story

The Worthy

"I've come to find that most people ignore the dead," Conrad Avery Sutton III begins The Worthy, a wickedly funny and frightening ghost story.

Conrad had it pretty good in life -- a Porsche, pretty girls, and a trust fund full of oil money. But now, thanks to a brutal hazing incident at Louisiana State University's Gamma Chi fraternity, Conrad is dead -- a nineteen-year-old spirit suddenly without an earthly body.

Make no mistake, the newly deceased Conrad is one angry ghost, and the object of his wrath is chapter president Ryan Hutchins, a "big, bright, rising star" who, in Conrad's view, is really "the darkest black hole you'll ever meet -- and I'm not just saying that because he killed me." Out for revenge, Conrad possesses an unsuspecting pledge's body so he can finish what Ryan started, steering them toward a depraved confrontation with a surprising outcome that will leave readers gasping.
  • Simon & Schuster | 
  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743273169 | 
  • July 2007
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Reading Group Guide

Reading group guide
Discussion questions

1. The Worthy is filled with startling scenes; some are violent, some are outlandish. Which scenes were most shocking? Overall, did you find the violence or the fantastical elements of the plot more surprising?
2. Conrad says that the one perk of being dead is that "the living are like open books that you can read without turning the pages" (2). How does this new perception change him? Are there sides to his personality that we see when he's ghost, but wouldn't have seen when he was alive?
3. The novel is set in Louisiana, and the author incorporates many details and observations about Southern culture. What aspects of his portrayal of the South are most realistic? In what ways does the author play with stereotypes of the South?
4. The pledges come to Gamma Chi looking to become part of an elite group. How does the pressure of measuring up to their peers influence them? Why do you think they are willing to put up with so much misery?
5. Discuss the character of Tucker. What does Conrad think of Tucker? Does he relate to him or care for him at all, or does he just use him? How is Tucker affected by Conrad's possessions?
6. How does Conrad's postdeath perspective change his feelings about Gamma Chi? What does he miss? If he could go back to being a part of the fraternity, do you think he would?
7. Maggie Meadows and Sarah Jane Bradford are both sorority girls, but they are almost p see more

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