The Wham-O® Ultimate Frisbee Handbook

Tips and Techniques for Playing Your Best in Ultimate Frisbee

The Wham-O® Ultimate Frisbee Handbook

For Ages: 12 and up
1.  Ultimate Frisbee has been the #1 selling disc in Wham-O product line for many years.

2.  The sport of Ultimate Frisbee is growing at a staggering 12% clip per year.

3.  Ultimate Frisbee is played in more than 42 countries by hundreds of thousands of men and women, girls and boys.

Ultimate Frisbee was hatched by Frisbee-playing college students in the 1960s, and has evolved into one of the most fast-paced, action-filled, and challenging sports played by youth around the world today. Incorporating the non-stop play of soccer and the skill and tactics of football, it’s a game that can be played on both fun and highly competitive levels with equal enjoyment – all thanks to the plastic disc manufactured by Wham-O!

The book in this kit takes enthusiasts through the basics and then to the more advanced, challenging techniques required of competitive Ultimate players.  From beginner to advanced, readers will be taught the skills and techniques, as well as the moves, that can be played at every level.

The book includes a great resource section on clubs, organizations and tournaments around the world.
  • Applesauce Press | 
  • 72 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781604330236 | 
  • May 2009
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