The Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook

The Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook

Presenting a definitive new pasta cookbook for all chefs: The Ultimate Pasta & Noodle Cookbook

Go beyond spaghetti and meatballs and whip up baked lamb orzo, or a savory squid ink frittata! There are more than 400 pastas to discover in the definitive book with over a hundred recipes from around the world. Easy-to-follow instructions for making your own pasta flow into complete meals for the whole family to enjoy, even those with dietary restrictions! Handy tips and techniques make you the master chef in your home kitchen as you wow guests and savor the fruits of your labor. 
  • Cider Mill Press | 
  • 800 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781604337334 | 
  • October 2017
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Serena Cosmo is the creator of and is also a columnist, blogger, food educator, and photographer. She currently lives in the university town of Auburn, Alabama, with her family and 27 wooden cooking spoons.