The Twins and the Bird of Darkness

A Hero Tale from the Caribbean

The Twins and the Bird of Darkness

Illustrated by: Terry Widener
For Ages: 5 - 10
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When a benevolent king and his daughter, Princess Marie, find their peaceful kingdom threatened by an enormous, evil, seven-headed bird, the brave princess offers herself as the bird's hostage in order to prevent the entire kingdom from being thrust into eternal darkness.
As soon as Soliday, a kindhearted, hardworking, and generous youth hears about the princess's sacrifice, he vows to kill the Bird of Darkness and save Marie. His identical twin brother -- the jealous, lazy, and dishonest Salacotta -- accompanies Soliday on the dangerous journey, but doesn't lift a finger in order to rescue the princess or slay the monstrous bird. And the second Salacotta sees his chance to claim that he was the one who freed the princess, he does just that.
Will Soliday be able to convince everyone that he is indeed who he says? Will his brother admit his treachery? Will Soliday ever be able to trust his twin again?
This timeless and resonant folktale about the forces of good and evil and the redemptive power of brotherly love is the perfect story for the ages.
  • Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | 
  • 40 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781481443630 | 
  • April 2015 | 
  • Grades K - 5
List Price $10.99 (price may vary by retailer)
Available on or around April 28, 2015

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