The Quilter's Homecoming

An Elm Creek Quilts Novel

The Quilter's Homecoming

(Book #10 of The Elm Creek Quilts)
A Roaring Twenties tale of boom and bust unfolds as young bride Elizabeth Bergstrom Nelson sets off with her husband, Henry, from her family home of Elm Creek Manor in Pennsylvania to start a new life in the unfamiliar terrain of southern California. Expecting to assume ownership of Triumph Ranch, the couple instead learns that their deed is a fake, and that they must work for the rightful proprietors to earn their keep. Resourceful Elizabeth trades her trousseau—including the fine quilts stitched by her Bergstrom relatives—for the practical goods the Nelsons need to survive, and finds friendship with California native Rosa Diaz Barclay. When Elizabeth discovers a mysterious cache of quilts made by a member of the Diaz family that reveals a misplaced legacy of love, land, and ancestral ties, it becomes clear that only by stitching the rift between the past and the future can the inhabitants of Triumph Ranch hope to live in peace alongside history.
  • Simon & Schuster | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743260237 | 
  • January 2008
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Reading Group Guide

The Quilter's Homecoming By Jennifer Chiaverini
Reading Group Discussion Guide

Discussion Questions

1. How does Henry Nelson differ from the other suitors that Elizabeth Bergstrom entertains? How is his decision to purchase a ranch in California connected to his desire to marry Elizabeth? Why do both families feel apprehensive about the newlyweds' intention to move west?
2. What do the two quilts that her family makes in preparation for her wedding and journey to California represent to Elizabeth? Why is the Chimneys and Cornerstones pattern more precious to Elizabeth than the Double Wedding Ring pattern? Why does Elizabeth agree to trade the quilts to Mrs. Diegel, and what does her decision to do so reveal about her attitude toward sacrifice in her marriage?
3. "Each of those scraps held a special memory for Elizabeth. She would collect others...and stitch them together into a patchwork of memories, a record of their journey." How do the quilts Elizabeth makes and mends function as a record of the events of the past and present in The Quilter's Homecoming? How do the quilts Elizabeth discovers contain secrets and messages from one generation to the next?
4. Why might Henry and Elizabeth be "easy marks" for hustlers like Mae and Peter? Why does Henry refuse Peter's business proposal when he believes himself to be the owner of Triumph Ranch, but choose to give all of his meager savings to Mae when he and E see more

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About the Author

Jennifer Chiaverini
Photograph © Steve Garfinkel

Jennifer Chiaverini

Jennifer Chiaverini is the author of the New York Times bestselling Elm Creek Quilts series, five collections of quilt projects, and several historical fiction novels. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Chicago, she lives with her husband and sons in Madison, Wisconsin. To learn more, visit