The Progeny

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The Progeny

New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee brings a modern twist to an ancient mystery surrounding Elizabeth Bathory, the most notorious female serial killer of all time.

Emily Jacobs is the descendant of a serial killer. Now, she’s become the hunted.

She’s on a quest that will take her to the secret underground of Europe and the inner circles of three ancient orders—one determined to kill her, one devoted to keeping her alive, and one she must ultimately save.

Filled with adrenaline, romance, and reversals, The Progeny is the present-day saga of a 400-year-old war between the uncanny descendants of “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific female serial killer of all time, and a secret society dedicated to erasing every one of her descendants. It is a story about the search for self filled with centuries-old intrigues against the backdrop of atrocity and hope.
  • Howard Books | 
  • 352 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781501125942 | 
  • March 2017
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This reading group guide for The Progeny includes an introduction, discussion questions, ideas for enhancing your book club, and a Q&A with author Tosca Lee. The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. We hope that these ideas will enrich your conversation and increase your enjoyment of the book.


Emily Jacobs has no memory of how or why she ended up in a remote cabin in the backwoods of Maine. In fact, she has no memory of the last two years at all—including her real name. All she has is a letter from her former self, warning her not to go digging for answers.

But the past has a way of catching up with you, whether you like it or not. Emily learns her real name and identity: Audra Ellison, a member of the Progeny, the exceptional descendants of “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Bathory, purportedly the most prolific serial killer of all time. If that’s not bad enough, she’s also being hunted by the Scions, a secret society sworn to eliminate the Progeny. In order to survive, Audra must embark on a quest to unravel cryptic clues hidden throughout Europe. But time is running out and the stakes couldn’t be higher: If she fails, it could mean the end of the Progeny, and all that she holds dear.

Topics & Questions for Discussion

1. Even before it’s revealed that Audra is P see more

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About the Author

Tosca Lee
Photograph © Lee Steffen

Tosca Lee

Tosca Lee is the award-winning New York Times bestselling author of The ProgenyFirstbornIscariotThe Legend of ShebaDemon: A MemoirHavah: The Story of Eve, and the Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestseller Ted Dekker. She received her BA in English and International Relations from Smith College. A lifelong adventure traveler, Tosca makes her home in the Midwest with her husband and children. To learn more please visit: