The Night Climbers

A Novel

The Night Climbers

When James Walker arrives at Tudor College, Cambridge, he tries to create a vague air of mystery about himself in the hope of making the right kind of friends. By accident or fate he encounters a member of the Night Climbers, a wealthy, secretive, and tantalizingly eccentric circle of undergraduates who scale the college towers and gargoyles at night in pursuit of the kind of thrill-seeking danger that makes them feel truly alive.

Seduced by their reckless charisma and talent for decadence, James falls for both Francis, the group's ringleader, and Jessica, his beautiful best friend. Their extravagant living is financed, unwittingly, by Francis's father, but when he suddenly cuts his son off, the friends are left floundering as they try to maintain a lifestyle they can't afford. That is, until Francis embroils them in a plan that will test the limits of their friendship and link them to one another forever.

Humming with intellectual energy and grace, The Night Climbers portrays the intensity of early relationships, when people are at their most impressionable, and explores the ties that bind with a keen eye.
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  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416588412 | 
  • June 2008
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The Night Climbers
A Novel
Ivo Stourton


A novel of startling intensity, The Night Climbers is the riveting story of a secret league at Cambridge -- a group of young daredevils who test their limits in a variety of ways, including scaling the university's towering architecture after dark. Recalling his induction into the group as a first-year student, James Walker describes the seductive power of these alluring new friends. As their crimes escalate from the realm of misdemeanors, James finds himself testing not only the limits of his bravado but also the limits of his heart, immersed in a love triangle with breathtakingly beautiful Jessica and mastermind Francis. When Francis's father suddenly disinherits him, the Night Climbers must look for new sources of funding, plotting a brilliant heist that could either destroy their lives or forever liberate them from the ordinary world.
Showcasing the gifts of a fiercely talented young writer, The Night Climbers is both a page-turner and a rich exploration of the bounds of loyalty and love. We hope the following guide will enhance your experience of this mesmerizing novel.

Topics and Questions for Discussion
1. How did your opinion of the characters shift throughout the novel, especially your attitude toward James and Francis? Which of your initial assumptions proved to see more

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Ivo Stourton was born in 1982 and received high honors (a double
first) in English at Cambridge. He is currently training to be a city