The Invisible Player

Consciousness as the Soul of Economic, Social, and Political Life

The Invisible Player

How consciousness can cure the socioeconomic ills of society and restore hope in the workplace and at home.

• A book for every individual who has ever dreamed of running a successful business without having to sacrifice personal integrity.

• Offers a blueprint for recovering our psychological, sexual, and political health.

With welcome candor and insight, The Invisible Player brings into focus why, despite tremendous financial success and technological advancement, people today remain unfulfilled, discouraged, and sick at heart from living in a world that has replaced compassion with violence and greed. Every professional man and woman who has ever dreamed of running a successful business without having to sacrifice personal integrity in the process will be inspired by Mario Kamenetskyis vision.

The Invisible Player guides us through the development of human consciousness--specifically how and why our socioeconomic consciousness has been shaped toward the pursuit of power and wealth rather than the enjoyment of life and love. Through examples of alternate socioeconomic systems, Kamenetsky offers us a blueprint of how we may reclaim our psychological, sexual, and political health to create a more joyful future in which we can succeed in combining our current technical and financial rationality with a more highly developed compassion for humanity.
  • Park Street Press | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780892816651 | 
  • February 1999
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About the Author

Mario Kamenetzky

Former Science and Technology Specialist for the World Bank, Mario Kamenetzky has been involved in world economics for nearly 50 years as a professor, corporation officer, and independent consultant. The author of several books in Spanish as well as Choice and Management of Technology in Developing Countries: A Training Program of Decision-Makers, he has published many international articles on world socioeconomics. A member of the World Business Academy, he lives in Palm Coast, Florida.
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