The Fitness Fun Busy Book

365 Creative Games & Activities to Keep Your Child Moving and Learning

The Fitness Fun Busy Book

(Book #5 of Busy Books)
The Fitness Fun Busy Book (previously titled The Wiggle & Giggle Busy Book) contains 365 creative, lively games and activities to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy and active. It provides great alternatives to watching television, playing video games, or doing other sedentary activities. This book will get your young child up and moving for hours! The Fitness Fun Busy Book shows parents and daycare providers how to: instill a love of physical exercise through games and activities that encourage a child to move; focus a child’s energy constructively; encourage a child to strengthen large and small motor skills; connect music and rhyme with physical expression to develop a child’s creativity; and celebrate holidays and other special occasions with games and activities that get everyone moving. This book is written with warmth and sprinkled with humor and insight.

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