The Confederate General Rides North

A Novel

The Confederate General Rides North

  • Scribner | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416598404 | 
  • February 2013
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Reading Group Guide

Reading Group Guide



1.   The Confederate General Rides North is a coming-of-age novel, about Katherine coping with difficult events and being forced to grow up quickly.  Though the trip she and her mother take lasts just under a week, Kat changes her attitudes about a number of things; what are they? 


2.   The story of Katherine and her mother’s journey is told exclusively from Kat’s point of view.  In what ways would the novel be different if the story had been told by Kat’s mother in first person narration?  How would the novel be different if third person narration had been used and the thoughts of both Kat and her mother were revealed?  What might have been lost in a different sort of narration?


3.   Discuss how Katherine uses her love of Civil War history to cope with her personal difficulties.  How does the author convey this in the italicized sections?  How does the “voice” of the italicized (3rd person) sections differ from that of the primary 1st person narrative of the book?  Does the voice of the “italicized” sections change over the course of the book?


4.   The journey in the novel takes place early in the summer of 1968.  In what ways and from whom does Kat learn about some of the important political events of 1968?  How does she see more

About the Author

Amanda C. Gable
Photograph by Caroline Joe

Amanda C. Gable

Amanda C. Gable’s short stories have appeared in The North American Review, The Crescent Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Kalliope, Sinister Wisdom, Other Voices, and other publications.  She has been awarded residency fellowships by Yaddo, the Hambidge Center, and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.  A native of Marietta, she currently lives in Decatur, Georgia.