The Complex

The Complex

(Book #1 of The Reanimates)
Edited by: Monique Happy
In a half-abandoned gated community, an ordinary family fights the zombie apocalypse.

Cali Anglin, RN, had a great life. It may have been nothing special to the rest of the world, but she loved it.

That was on a Wednesday.
By Friday, it was gone forever.

With the government gone, electricity extinguished, and the food supply dwindling, she has to face questions she’s never asked herself before–just how far would she go to save her family, her friends and her rapidly collapsing community? Would she kill for them? Would she die for them?

She’s about to find out.
  • Permuted Press | 
  • 214 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781618687579 | 
  • November 2015
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