The Cast-Iron Cookware: The Care and Keeping Handbook

Seasoning, Cleaning, Refurbishing, Storing, and Cooking

The Cast-Iron Cookware: The Care and Keeping Handbook

The essential guide to all things cast-iron for beginners and seasoned chefs alike! 

Introducing the one-and-done purchase to answer any and all cast-iron quandaries: Cast-Iron Cookware: The Care and Keeping Handbook!  While other cast-iron books may discuss simple care instructions, this handbook aims to give any beginner or seasoned pro the most extensive detailing of all aspects to their cast-iron experience. Covering everything from cleaning to refurbishing, storing to cooking, this handy guide will expand even an experienced cook’s knowledge of cast-iron. This book is packed with 25 of the most essential, simple, and delicious recipes every cast-iron owner should know!
  • Cider Mill Press | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781604337327 | 
  • October 2017
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